Kannaway and KannaLife Sign 5 Year Agreement

WEST HILLS, N.Y., March 31, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KannaLife Sciences, Inc. (“KannaLife”) and Kannaway LLC (“Kannaway”), have entered into a five year sales, marketing and product development agreement (the “Agreement”).
Kannaway is the only network marketing company in the U.S. currently specializing in the sales of hemp based botanical products. Since its inception in January 2014, Kannaway has become one of the fastest growing sales marketing companies in U.S. history, having built a network sales force and subscriber base in excess of 40,000 professionals within the first three months of its existence (the “Kannaway Network”).
Under the Agreement, KannaLife will be developing and branding novel phyto-medical and naturopathic products, as well as certifying additional products being sold through the Kannaway Network.
Dean Petkanas, CEO of KannaLife stated, “We have been entrenched in product research and development for the last nine months, advancing our efforts towards the creation of natural cannabinoid based medicaments and synthetic cannabinoid like molecules which have improved drug like properties. The timing for entering into this Agreement with Kannaway couldn’t be better. We now have this once in a lifetime opportunity to be side by side with the most dynamic sales force in the industry, pressed right up at the forefront of the high demand, consumer products driven market for hemp and cannabinoid consumables and body care products.”
About KannaLife Sciences, Inc.
KannaLife Sciences, Inc. is a late stage bio-pharmaceutical and phyto-medical company involved in the research and development of novel new therapeutic agents designed as neuroprotectants, immuno-modulators and reduce oxidative stress. KannaLife Sciences currently holds an exclusive license with National Institutes of Health – Office of Technology Transfer (“NIH-OTT”) for the Commercialization of U.S. Patent 6,630,507, “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” (the “’507 Patent”). KannaLife is currently conducting research and development at the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center in Doylestown, PA, for a target drug candidate to treat Hepatic Encephalopathy (“HE”). HE is an oxidative stress related disease that affects the cognitive and behavioral functions, and the wellness of the brain and the liver.
For more information, please visit KannaLife’s website at: www.kannalife.comAbout Kannaway, LLC, is a network sales and marketing company specializing in the sales and marketing of hemp based botanical products. Kannaway currently hosts weekly on-line sales meetings and conferences across the United States, offering unique insight and opportunity to sales professionals who are desirous of becoming successful leaders in the sale and marketing of hemp based botanical products. Kannaway currently has over 40,000 marketing professionals in its network.
For more information, please visit Kannaway’s website at: www.kannaway.com

To become a distributor of Kannaway’s products and learn about their health benefits visit www.HealthyCBDhemp.com

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Digital Ad Gear Review-Thinking of Using Them? Read This First!

If you are wondering if Digital Ad Gear’s New VIP Solo Mailing is worth the money or even worth trying, let me save you time, money and disappointment. I found it to be a complete waste of money, pure, plain and simple. You can also  throw more of your good money away and buy their ultra worse non-performer “Campaign Fox” mailing (absolute rubbish).

With Campaign Fox I did not get one lead and with their VIP Solo Mailing of 4 Campaigns for $299, I had less than a 6% optin rate with a capture page that averages much higher than that. In regards to the optins, most gave bogus phone numbers, along with many bad emails. The ones that did leave real phone numbers were far from entrepreneurial, lacked computer and verbal communication skills. This was a far cry from what they advertise on their website, which reads as follows:

“Since December of 2009 we have been using a new (ULTRA PRIVATE) email platform, and carefully cultivated triple opt-in email list to generate custom real-time leads for HUGE VIP clients paying well over $5,000 – $8,000 per month to us to quickly generate their share of these hot leads.”

What a load of crap!

I really wish I did not have to write this negative post. I wish I could write a stellar review about Digital Ad Gear, then include my affiliate link and make some money, but I just can’t do that to you. Unfortunately, I have to give Digital Ad Gear an emphatic thumbs down. So my rating is a grade “A” rip off, coupled with very hyped and well written, but misleading ad copy. So if you are in the home based business industry and looking for an automated email marketing company to build your business, stay away from Digital Ad Gear. You have been warned, stay away, hide your cash and credit cards from Digital Ad Gear.

This has been a public service announcement to help save you your money. :)


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Never Give Up!

If you have ever thought or you still think there is a short cut to success…I am sorry to tell you…there isn’t one. Take John Wooden, although highly successful from his start as the coach of the UCLA Bruins basketball team in 1948, it wasn’t until 1964 John Wooden and the Bruins won their first NCAA National Championship. Wooden and his UCLA Basketball teams went on to win 10 NCAA National Championship’s in 12 years, a feat never duplicated to this day. Persistence!

I have tried short cut’s, in the long run they worked out for me, but not in the short run.

In 1985 I drove my car from Santa Monica to New York City in the span of 4 days to work as a broker on Wall Street (no short cut there). I was going to NYC to make six figures within 3 months! That did not happen…one year later…it did not happen…but, one more year later it did happen and there were many more high multiple six figure years to follow and opportunities to live and work in Asia and London. Persistence!

Now it is 2011 and I have been working from home for 3 years and I tried numerous short cuts and they all cost me a lot of money. Did I learn a lot? Yes in deed, and I am happy to report that I am now a successful work and play from home entrepreneur. Persistence! Don’t ever quit. If you never quit, you cannot fail. If you don’t think I wasn’t missing sunny Santa Monica and Malibu when I was struggling in New York making just enough to get by and living in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for my first year? I wanted to quit. I missed my friends. I missed the beach. But I refused to quit!  You know what happened? I met a whole new group of fantastic friends. They introduced me to surfing in Montauk, LI. I bought a house there with my brother. I took 6th Place in the New York State Surfing Championships one year (should have won it, but I only caught two waves in the final heat) The point is if I can do it, you can too.

I hear too many excuses these days. Just do it! Never Quit and You Never Fail. If you have done your best, then you have done enough. Peace.

“I will persist until I succeed.” Og Mandino

To Your Best Success,

John Rothstein

One24 Review

I was first introduced to One 24 by a friend and fellow network marketer. I was interested and hesitant at the same time…another new company.  But when my friend said to me:

“watch the video and if you like what you see, get on my waiting list.”

“Waiting list?” with these two words he had my attention, plus he had me hook line and sinker. I watched the videos and I wanted in! I was motivated. “Get me in NOW!” To my surprise, I had to get on the waiting list and I was pumped. Talk about the power of posture. Posture is everything.

What is One24 and why is the company growing at such a rapid pace?

One24 is a network marketing company that launched in August 2010. The One24 Incentivized Referral Plan (IRP) is an innovative new linear compensation plan. Every person that joins is placed in a vertical line. One24 is not a get rich program, rather a slow building income stream that increases month after month over a 24 month period. One24 offers a highly lucrative compensation plan.

This is important: One 24 is paying out 50% of profits, as opposed to the typical 24-40% paid out by most MLMs. This means more money is spread around…and not just to the top producers and the ones that got in early. Everyone get’s paid!

This is why so many people are joining One24 and seeing success that they never saw with MLM.

Whether you are a MLM veteran or a Network Marketing newbie, I want to show you a handful of sneaky reasons that contribute to MLM failure. Sorry, but this is all true.

* Overpriced products that you can find at Costco for less

* High costs to join and that keeps a lot of people from joining

* Deceptive compensation plans that reward a few and guarantee failure for most.

* Monthly website fees (why do they charge you for a website used to build their business?)

* Income that is not only based on your ability to recruit but retain your recruits. (97% fail and or quit within 3 months. Plus the average network marketer never recruits more than 3 people. How can you build residual income with this model? The answer is: you can’t.)

* Expensive autoships, etc…

The One24 IRP eliminates all of the above problems. In addition your income is guaranteed to go up in the first 4 months. One of the best things about One 24 is the “Waiting List” I talked about earlier, the fear of loss is huge!

So what are you waiting for? Get on the list:

The Top 5 URL Shorteners and How They Help You

This is information is courtesy of http://www.friedbeef.com/top-5-url-shorteners-and-how-they-help-you/

Long URLs are simply hard to pass along. The links tend to sometimes break in email, are harder to verbalize in a conversation, and they are difficult, or in some cases near impossible to remember.

For example, let’s say you want to pass along this piece of news to your friends about how the ‘Iphone will test loyalty of cellular customers’- Which you can visit with this long URL…


…which I will need to shorten to something more digestible.

Now, there are a plethora of URL shortening services out there – the majority of them free, but most of them not bringing anything unique to the table.  Here are some notable exceptions with useful value-added features in place:

#1 Choose your own page name with Doiop

doiop Top 5 URL Shorteners and How They Help You

What Doiop allows you to do is actually define your own keyword (In this case I used loyalty) so you can give your short link some context, something simple which many URL shortening services just don’t offer.

Result: Link shortened to – http://doiop.com/loyalty

#2 Create instant short URLs using bookmarklets and enjoy previews with TinyURL

tinyurl Top 5 URL Shorteners and How They Help You

TinyURL is probably the most famous of all the URL shortening sites out there, but many people don’t take advantage of two key features they offer.  The first - Incorporating a one-click bookmarklet on your browser, so you never have to visit the site to shorten a URL, just click a button on your browser and it’s done!

The second is a preview feature.  This tells anyone who clicks on the preview link – what exactly they are accessing, so there are no surprises on the other end.

Result: Link shortened to http://tinyurl.com/2ck97a

#3 Tag short URLs using multiple keywords with ReadthisURL

readthisurl Top 5 URL Shorteners and How They Help You

Just like Doiop, this allows you to add context to your shortened URLS but this time by allowing users to tag it with multiple keywords.

Result: Link shortened to http://readthisurl.com/iphone+loyalty

#4 Create pronounceable with MemURL.com

memurl Top 5 URL Shorteners and How They Help You

Too lazy to think of a keyword but still want some form of coherence for your shortened URLs?  memURL will create a mnemonic link which is easy to pronounce (but doesn’t mean anything).  memURL also comes with a bookmarklet feature for one click shortening.

Result: Link shortened to http://memurl.com/luviru

#5 Track your short URL traffic and stats with dwarfURL.com

dwarfurl Top 5 URL Shorteners and How They Help You

On top of a basic URL shortening system, DwarfURL allows users to track statistics and traffic of these shortened URLs.  Perfect for tracking how many people actually visit those links you send them :)

Result: Link shortened to http://dwarfurl.com/e9b5d

A word to the wise here - Like most good things on the Internet, spammers have invaded the URL shortening space -using these services to cover their tracks.  I would apply the same level of caution when clicking on the links – only doing so when you’re sure it comes from a trusted source.

What URL shortening services do you use?  Let the world know in the comments!


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