Evolv Review : Is Evolv a Scam or Hype Water ?

evolv review scam hype water

What is Evolv? This is what I went in search of when I heard the buzz about this new MLM company. So I went about seeking information about Evolv. I thought the best place to start would be with the company website. I mean…wouldn’t you? Unfortunately there really is not too much information about What Evolv is on their website. This is what I did find out. EvolvHealth, LLC is a direct sales company developed by a team of scientists in conjunction with veteran entrepreneurs, marketers and direct sellers. The team is led by Founder and Chairman, Mr. Trey White.

Product Overview

Evolv’s website states: “More than 15 years of scientific research and development have been invested in our proprietary, all natural Archaea Active™ formula. Evolv combines this colorless and flavorless formula with natural spring water to deliver the health benefits of good hydration with optimal oxygen utilization and increased stamina, energy and endurance. In vitro testing was conducted at FutureCeuticals®.”

The Archaea Active™ formula may also help:

  • enhance the absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and other important nutrients

  • speed fatigue recovery

  • maintain healthy circulation

  • support a healthy immune system

The Opportunity

Evolv has packaged a product and organized a business that enables people to benefit from it as consumers and business representatives as well. The product, if bought per case which includes 24 bottles that is 16.9 oz, costs $55. Reality check, for a bottle of water, the price is a bit expensive…but not if it lives up to it’s promotion.

The compensation plan

Evolv’s compensation plan is set up like a traditional Binary Structure and Evolv has chosen an “Evolved Binary” compensation plan. This set up builds both depth and width with a binary volume and an executive match. The compensation plan involves pay out up to $50,000 a week and can match up to 100%. Also, bonuses include Fast Start bonus wherein on the first order there’s a 25% down to 3 generations.

In conclusion. Scam? No, Evolv isn’t a scam. Instead, it’s just a new MLM/ Direct sales Company trying to establish its credibility by offering individuals an opportunity to make money.

The Bottom line

At the end of the day Evolv is a new company and I hope it is wildly successful. Ones success in Evolv will be determined by their ability to market and sponsor new reps. Until you have the ability to sponsor 10 to 30 reps a month, it doesn’t matter if you are in an old established company or a brand new company…you are not going to make the money you want.

If you want to market Evolv online, which is a necessity, you must have great marketing skills to compete within the industry in todays business climate. Once you are equipped with the right cutting edge marketing training and system  you can achieve your dreams.

This is important: it is not so much the company that will make you successful but how well you set yourself apart from everyone else marketing on the internet and in order to this you must have a plan to market and a plan of attack to bring new reps into your Evolv business.  Above all  you need a sytem that will allow you to earn money from multiple sources while you are building your network marketing business. You MUST Brand Yourself as an internet Alpha leader. I call this Brand You Inc. or Brand You Incorporated.

We have the EXACT knowledge and proven skills that you need to succeed in your Evolv business.

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