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I was first introduced to One 24 by a friend and fellow network marketer. I was interested and hesitant at the same time…another new company.  But when my friend said to me:

“watch the video and if you like what you see, get on my waiting list.”

“Waiting list?” with these two words he had my attention, plus he had me hook line and sinker. I watched the videos and I wanted in! I was motivated. “Get me in NOW!” To my surprise, I had to get on the waiting list and I was pumped. Talk about the power of posture. Posture is everything.

What is One24 and why is the company growing at such a rapid pace?

One24 is a network marketing company that launched in August 2010. The One24 Incentivized Referral Plan (IRP) is an innovative new linear compensation plan. Every person that joins is placed in a vertical line. One24 is not a get rich program, rather a slow building income stream that increases month after month over a 24 month period. One24 offers a highly lucrative compensation plan.

This is important: One 24 is paying out 50% of profits, as opposed to the typical 24-40% paid out by most MLMs. This means more money is spread around…and not just to the top producers and the ones that got in early. Everyone get’s paid!

This is why so many people are joining One24 and seeing success that they never saw with MLM.

Whether you are a MLM veteran or a Network Marketing newbie, I want to show you a handful of sneaky reasons that contribute to MLM failure. Sorry, but this is all true.

* Overpriced products that you can find at Costco for less

* High costs to join and that keeps a lot of people from joining

* Deceptive compensation plans that reward a few and guarantee failure for most.

* Monthly website fees (why do they charge you for a website used to build their business?)

* Income that is not only based on your ability to recruit but retain your recruits. (97% fail and or quit within 3 months. Plus the average network marketer never recruits more than 3 people. How can you build residual income with this model? The answer is: you can’t.)

* Expensive autoships, etc…

The One24 IRP eliminates all of the above problems. In addition your income is guaranteed to go up in the first 4 months. One of the best things about One 24 is the “Waiting List” I talked about earlier, the fear of loss is huge!

So what are you waiting for? Get on the list:

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  1. Corey says:

    Great Review! Very accurate! I agree posture is everything! Whats great about having it is people will want to know more about you!

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